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By Douglas Rushkoff

This is often an ideas-led, exuberant documentary concerning the converging strands of a brand new period, the empowerments of cyber-technology, and the precipitation of recent methods of existence. initially written in 1994, it outlines the strands of the cyber tradition because it used to be emerging-- the well-liked medicinal drugs, the influential contributors, the hackers and their motivations, the technology chaos and the complexity of fractuals. This publication will undergo as a reminder of ways sleek cyberculture got here about--a observe to the long run shape a person perceptive adequate to understand the profound results of the cyber revolution.

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Fie can handle it. " "That's the joy. It's really simple to make. Just think of it as stir, filter, wash, and dry. That's all there is to i t . " As Becker goes over an ingredients checklist for a mass-production schedule, L e o collapses into a hammock and waits lor the new drug to take effect. B o t h believe that they are on to something new and important. By designing new chemicals, psychopharmacologists like Becker design reality from the inside out. They decide what they'd like reality to be like, then - i n a k i n d of submolecular shamanic visionquest - compose a chemical that will alter their observations about reality in a specific way.

Despite its illegality, Ecstasy, even more than L S D and mushrooms, has remained on the top of the cyberian designer-substance hit parade. L S D , mushrooms, and mescaline - all powerful, relatively long-acting psychedelics - bifurcated, so to speak, into two shorter-acting substances, the mild, user-friendly Ecstasy, and the earth-shatteringly powerful and short-acting D M T . B o t h drugs can be found in many carefully manipulated chemical variations, and epitomize the psychedelic-substance priorities in Cyberia.

Friday. T i m Leary's coming to town to do a V R lecture, and the Renaissance Foundation is throwing h i m a party i n cooperation with Mondo 2000 magazine - the voice o f cyber culture. It's downstairs at B i g Heart City, a club south o f M a r k e t Street in the new warehouse/artist district of San Francisco, masterminded by M a r k Renney, cyber culture's interface to the city's politicians and investors. Entrance with or without an invite is five dollars - no exceptions, no guest list. C h e a p enough to justify making everyone pay, which actually brings i n a greater profit than charging fifteen dollars to outsiders, who at events like this are outnumbered by insiders.

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