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Examine the elemental foundations and ideas of the Apache HBase (NoSQL) open resource database. It covers the HBase info version, structure, schema layout, API, and management. Apache HBase is the database for the Apache Hadoop framework. HBase is a column family members established NoSQL database that offers a versatile schema version.

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HBase may be accessed using Java Client APIs, external APIs, and the Hadoop FileSystem API. The Master coordinates the RegionServers. A Region is a subset of a table’s rows, such as a partition. A RegionServer serves the region’s data for reads and writes. The ZooKeeper stores global information about the cluster. META. tables list all of the regions and their locations. META. tables. The HBase objects stored in the Datanodes may be browsed from the NameNode web application running at port 50070.

To be used on the client side. getBuffer() Returns the byte[] for the KeyValue. To be used on the server side. getKey() Not to be used directly. Used internally for compacting and testing. 21 CHAPTER 2 ■ APACHE HBASE AND HDFS When data is added to HBase, the following sequence is used to store the data: 1. The data is first written to a WAL called HLog. 2. The data is written to an in-memory MemStore. 3. When memory exceeds certain threshold, data is flushed to disk as HFile (also called a StoreFile).

Data block encoding also helps by limiting duplication of information in keys by taking advantage of some of the fundamental designs and patterns of HBase: sorted row keys and/or the schema of a given table. The general purpose compression algorithm does not use encoding and the key/value length is stored completely even if a row has a key similar to the preceding key. 94, the prefix and diff encodings may be chosen. In prefix encoding, a new column called Prefix Length is added for the common length bytes equal in the previous row.

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