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By Bernard N. Fields and Rudolf Jaenisch (Eds.)

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The blot of each gel was cut into three slices each of which was hybridized separately to a probe of total CMV DNA (slices 1 & 4), the isolated XbaI-(C,D,E) band (slices 2 & 5) or the isolated XbaI-(G,H) fragment band (slices 3 & 6). Our interpretation of the location of terminal and joint fragments is given alongside the figure (see text). , represent the stepwise heterogeneous versions of related subspecies. 0M species 48 ROBERT L. LAFEMINA AND GARY S. HAYWARD implying t h a t e i t h e r the other segment of the molecule does not i n v e r t or t h a t Xbal.

6. Hanshaw, J. , Scheiner, A. , Moxley, A. , and Scheiner, B. (1976). New. Eng. J. Med. 295, 468. 3. MOLECULAR CLONING OF CYTOMEGALOVIRUS GENOME 37 7. Kumar, M. , Nankervis, G. , and Gold, E. (1973). New Eng. J. Med. 288, 1370. 8. Reynolds, D. , Stubbs, K. , Dahle, A. , Livingston, M. , Saxon, S. , and Alford, C. A. (1974). New Eng. J. Med. 290, 291. 9. , Reynolds, D. , Amos, C. , Dahle, A. , McCollister, F. , and Alford, C. A. (1977). Pediatrics 59, 669. 10. St. Jeor, S. C , Albrecht, T. , Funk, F.

Induction of the prophages will also frequently result in replication of the prophage DNAs, increasing the probability of a module exchange, and thereby the creation of a new phage containing many of the old modules which is now a fitter host for growth on this particular host. In fact, the antirepressor advantage nicely illustrates the overall advantage of the modular system in the rapidity and flexibility of response to new environments. Clearly the availability of substitute modules of different specificity and/or mechanism but which have been evolved individually for good function will be an advantage even when a system of antirepressors is not present to increase the frequency of exchange.

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