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Glance now at what is given in your aspect of those revealed works, on the position they're being seen from. notwithstanding you've been looking the cosmos from a while, you'll by no means discover a Room as spacious, as deep, as excessive and broad as this. it's the throne room of this majesty; the king of all kings... our Osho.

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So be conscious' -- because the moment you are conscious you are suddenly thrown to the center. Be unconscious and you live on the periphery. Be conscious and you are thrown to the center. And from the center you can see what is happening on the periphery. Then if two people touch on the periphery, then two people will create trouble on the periphery, but it will not be any trouble for you. ' It happened: Buddha was passing near a village; a few people came and they abused him very badly, said nasty things, used vulgar words -- and he just stood there.

You seek meditation, and you think through meditation silence will be possible? ' Meditation can be a help only to that person who has come to a right understanding with his inner diseases, when he has come to understand which disease is false, which disease is wrongly identified, and which disease is not there at all -- the container is empty. When one has come to an understanding, a deep understanding with all one's diseases, then ninety-nine percent of the diseases disappear -- because you can do something and they disappear.

Immediately the man understands he has been moved into a situation, he has become angry -- and the moment he realizes that this is a situation, that Gurdjieff has played a trick, the gear changes: he becomes alert, aware. The body will take a little time to cool down, but deep at the center, there everything is cool and he can look at himself now. The student is already on the path -- Bankei has put him immediately on the path. ' A second step has been taken. 'BUT I CAN'T BRING IT JUST WHEN I HAPPEN TO HAVE IT,' PROTESTED THE STUDENT.

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