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Basically, the XDFC with XSVM simultaneously controls the input and output currents. The load current distortion is kept under 6%, and the input current distortion is diminished. The input-output control slightly increases the converter’s commutation frequency. However, it keeps the maximum below 850 Hz. The modulation presented allows the XDFC to operate with a unity ac-ac voltage gain. This fact is an important achievement that enables XDFC drives to operate with the system’s nominal voltage level, hence eliminating the need for coupling transformers used to counteract the converter’s voltage loss of other DFCs.

Whenever Il falls out of the accepted error zone surrounding Iref, the controller predicts the current trend for every converter state. It then selects the state that brings the current back to the accepted error zone for the longest time. This operation is depicted in Figure 6. Naturally, the current prediction is limited by the output frequency at which the converter is operating. Usually, for high output frequencies, the algorithm must be modified to avoid the unacceptable time delay produced by the required processing.

For current space vectors, es is defined by (20), and determined by (15) as a function of the output line currents and the converter’s current transfer function Hi. Using complex number notation, space vectors can be written as where its module and argument are defined by (22). Table III shows the voltage and current space vectors for each of the 27 XDFC’s electric states. For the sake of simplicity, sinusoidal input voltages and sinusoidal output currents have been considered. These are shown in (23).

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