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Shamanism may be outlined because the perform of initiated shamans who're wonderful through their mastery of a variety of altered states of cognizance. Shamanism arises from the activities the shaman takes in non-ordinary truth and the result of these activities in usual fact. it isn't a faith, but it calls for religious self-discipline and private sacrifice from the mature shaman who seeks the top levels of mystical improvement.

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Furst, eds. People of the Peyote: Huichol Indian History, Religion and Survival. Albuquerque, NM: University of New Mexico Press, 1998. 347 Peyote Hunt Schultes, Richard Evans, Albert Hofmann, and Christian Rätsch. Plants of the Gods: Their Sacred, Healing, and Hallucinogenic Powers. Rochester, VT: Healing Arts Press, 2001. Peyote Hunt The annual gathering of peyote by the Huichol. Once a year small groups of ten to fifteen pilgrims are led by an experienced mara’akame (shaman) on a journey that repeats the same journey taken by their ancestor, Tatewarí, who led the original peyote hunt.

Ingesting peyote and dancing is a form of prayer that enables dancers to connect to each other in mystical and spiritual dimensions. When they dance, they are united with each other and with the spirit that connects all things. This is the “One Heart” that the Huichol mara’akate (shamans) speak of and it is the reason peyote is held in such high regard by the peoples who use it. Preparation The crown is cut from the root of the cactus so that the roots sprout new crowns. Peyote cacti with multiple heads are not uncommon.

The third stage of total possession is transcendent and is available only to those who have mastery over the possession trance. This stage is characterized by the breakdown of the self-body awareness, alternate modalities of experiencing, total involvement, consciousness expansion, and increased energy. The process of passing through increasingly deep states of possession may last from just minutes to half an hour. ” However, the former is an illness and the latter a means to cure it. Embodiment is the intentional, controlled possession of an individual who is trained to access spirit through trance and interpret that connection for the good of the community.

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