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By Paul Lennon

This corpus-based examine of allusions within the British press exhibits the diversity of objectives reporters allude to - from Shakespeare to television soaps, from Jane Austen to Hillary Clinton, from hymns to nursery rhymes, proverbs and riddles. It analyzes the linguistic types allusions take and demonstrates how allusions functionality meaningfully in discourse. It explores the character of the historical past cultural and intertextual wisdom allusions call for of readers and units out the processing levels considering realizing an allusion. Allusion is built-in into latest theories of oblique language and associated with idioms, wordplay and metaphor.

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Finally, (…) formal features of the texts or aspects of the organisation of the communicative event itself both make messages oblique and signal that more is going on than meets the ear. (Brenneis 1986: 341) However, Brenneis (1986) argues from an anthropological perspective that Grice underestimated how widespread indirection is in language. In addition to text-based indirection, involving rhetorical figures such as metaphor or allusion, indirection may be “voice-centred” or “audiencecentred”.

G. “book” and “publish”). Lemke (1985: 281) suggested that the thematic links within texts are paralleled by thematic links among texts. However, to make an intertextual relation explicit thematic links are not sufficient. He suggested the Meaning and context 25 device of academic citation, as in, for example, “Lemke (1985: 281)”, is an intertextual parallel to the establishment of grammatical coherence within a text. Intertextual thematic relations, on the other hand, are established by means of echo, which Lemke (1985: 281) likens to lexical cohesion relations within a text.

Chapter Seven will focus on functional aspects of allusion in the corpus (Aim 5). ). ). ). Chapter Eight will summarise the findings and consider the role of the allusive mode in linguistic communication more generally, arguing that allusion is not a literary tour de force but a fact of everyday communication by means of which that which is new is related to that which is already known. Intertextuality and indirectness are normal ingredients of linguistic communication and the allusion is merely a highly self-conscious and stylised form in which the two join forces.

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