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By Abdenacer Makhlouf, Eugen Paal, Sergei D. Silvestrov, Alexander Stolin

This e-book collects the complaints of the Algebra, Geometry and Mathematical Physics convention, held on the college of Haute Alsace, France, October 2011. geared up within the 4 parts of algebra, geometry, dynamical symmetries and conservation legislation and mathematical physics and functions, the booklet covers deformation thought and quantization; Hom-algebras and n-ary algebraic constructions; Hopf algebra, integrable platforms and comparable math buildings; jet idea and Weil bundles; Lie conception and purposes; non-commutative and Lie algebra and more.

The papers discover the interaction among study in modern arithmetic and physics interested by generalizations of the most constructions of Lie concept geared toward quantization and discrete and non-commutative extensions of differential calculus and geometry, non-associative buildings, activities of teams and semi-groups, non-commutative dynamics, non-commutative geometry and functions in physics and beyond.

The e-book advantages a huge viewers of researchers and complicated students.

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Then Q w induces an automorphism of degree 0 of ⊥ ⊂ E ∗⊗ N while Q t ∈ G L(E) induces an automorphism T (E ∗ ) which preserves RwN w Poincaré Duality for Koszul Algebras 15 of degree 0 of T (E) which preserves RwN ⊂ E ⊗ . It follows that Q w induces an automorphism σw of the graded algebra A ! while Q tw induces an automorphism σ w of the graded algebra A . ∗ since W (A ) is a sub-N -complex of K (A ) and one defines a linear form ωw on the algebra A ! by setting N ωw = w ◦ pm (28) where pm : A !

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