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Based at the scholarship within the acclaimed educational Encyclopedia of Africa, that's geared toward collage and graduate scholars, this paintings provides Africa, from Egypt to Cape city and from prehistoric instances to the current day, in a structure that's inviting to school scholars. The 4-vol. set spans many disciplines with its articles on animals, meals, vacation trips and gala's, tribal teams, ecology, track and artwork, alternate and the economic system, geography, faith, folklore, and fossil and skeletal discoveries. (20021101)

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It is currently home to more than 3 million people. Algeria Algeria * fundamentalist member of a group that emphasizes a strict interpretation of religious beliefs * secular nonreligious; connected with everyday life A t the end of the 1900s, the North African republic of Algeria was locked in a civil war between Islamic fundamentalists* and the government, which had broad popular support. At the heart of the conflict was a struggle for control over the nation’s future—should Algeria remain a secular* state or adopt strict Muslim rule?

However, pigs are gradually being introduced into the farming systems of indigenous peoples, where they provide meat in areas that lack other meat sources. Various smaller animals are also raised for food in Africa. The guinea fowl, a chicken-like bird, is native to Africa and was domesticated there. European explorers later carried it to other parts of the world. Africans also raise chickens. In some parts of western Africa, people have bred the giant African rat and the cane rat as food animals.

In the referendum, held in 1962, Algeria’s population voted nearly unanimously for independence and elected Ben Bella as the first president. By the end of the year, most of the French had fled the country. Post Independence. President Ben Bella had to deal with a devastated economy and a nation exhausted by decades of war. He promptly nationalized* the oil and natural gas companies and redistributed lands that had been held by the French colonists. He also sought to build ties with other African nations and with other revolutionary governments— such as Cuba, led by Fidel Castro.

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