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By Marcelo Vieta, John Curl, Greig de Peuter, Nick Dyer-Witheford, Stevphen Shukaitis, Andrew Gryf Paterson, Sourayan Mookerjea, Conor Cash, Dara Greenwald, J. Howard, Tom Malleson, Andre Pusey, E. Wilma van der Veen, Caroline Baillie, Eric Feinblatt, et al

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Re(in)fusing the commons. The Commoner, 11. p=24; Midnight Notes. (1992). Midnight oil: Work, energy, war, 1973-1992. New York: Autonomedia; McMurtry, J. (1999). The cancer stage of capitalism. London: Pluto; Shiva, V. (2005). Earth democracy. Cambridge, MA: South End Press. 3 Linebaugh, P, and Rediker, M. (2000). The many-headed hydra: Sailors, slaves, commoners and the hidden history of the revolutionary Atlantic. London: Verso. 4 Hardin, G. (1965). The tragedy of the commons. Science, 162, 1343-1348; Bricklin, D.

K. Gibson-Graham, S. Resnick, Stephen, & R. ), Re/presenting class: Essays in postmodern Marxism (pp. 1-22). Durham, NC: Duke University Press; Byrne, K. & Healy, S. (2006). Cooperative subjects: Toward a post-fantasmatic enjoyment of the economy. Rethinking Marxism, 18(2), 241-258. 70 Byrne & Healy, p. 253. , p. 248. See also: Gibson-Graham, p. 101-126. 72 In We build the road as we travel, Morrison asserts that in a formal sense worker coops “abolish wage-labour for the worker-owners” (p. 65).

Credit unions are hence of strategic importance in the development of a cooperative sub-system. To see these dynamics at work we can turn again to MCC. An ethos of inter-cooperation has been integral to Mondragón since its early days. 54 One of the premises behind Caja Laboral is that retaining local jobs depends upon maintaining local control over savings. Caja Laboral retains the surplus, and offers loans, at affordable interest rates, to new coops, and also manages a fund that aids coops in periods of financial need.

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