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By Liz Maverick

Clarissa Schneckberg wasn't able to depart her Silicon Valley activity, get dumped by way of her boyfriend, or stream again in along with her mom and dad. She's formally pathetic. And her clients are dim. at the very least that is how they give the impression of being from below the covers of her youth mattress. yet simply whilst her existence appears heading south, Clarissa makes a decision to go particularly south-to Antarctica, to be specified. in any case, the male-to-female ratio on the South Pole is anything like four-to-one. along with her pals, Delilah and Kate, she's able to make the trek and subscribe to a few equal-opportunity jobs...even even though none of them has but to pass though a wintry weather with no fuzzy slippers. it really is an amorous experience Clarissa will be insane to move up. yet for this snow angel, sanity has outlived its usefulness.

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Why haven’t you said anything before this? ” “I see. ” “I think you’re missing the point right now,” he said gently. Clarissa narrowed her eyes at him. Kieran rarely did anything upsetting. They so rarely argued. His sonar never pinged, his radar never blipped. That was the whole point of him. The whole point of calm, stable, predictable Kieran. And now this. Blindsided by evil rogue personality traits that had lain dormant for nigh, oh, a decade. Kieran suddenly speared a pot sticker with his chopsticks and popped it in his mouth, more, it seemed, to give him something to do than anything else.

It’s true, isn’t it? Can we not speak the truth? These are facts. The very same thing happened to me in college. It was terrible. I couldn’t eat any sort of Asian food for a month. Not Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese . . nothing. Couldn’t touch the stuff. ” “Well, that’s not very PC, is it,” Delilah said matter-of-factly. ” 44 • Liz Maverick “Yeah, the facts may be the facts,” Clarissa conceded. ” “Why not? I’m willing to bet at Berkeley, the Asian guys are talking about this. I bet the Asian girls are talking about this.

It’s an excuse. ” “Absolutely,” Delilah chimed in. “If your boyfriend claims to have a platonic friend, either the women in question refused to sleep with him, which is why she is still just a friend, or else she desperately wants to but hasn’t—yet. ” Clarissa gulped. “Or else the woman finds the man in question sorely lacking in some department, which should make you take pause and wonder why. ” Kate said. “Well, you know, according to The American Heritage Dictionary, ‘platonic’ is derived from the philosopher, Plato,” Delilah said blithely.

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