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He placed dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in turbid water to minimize visual information, and recorded a remarkable ability to avoid transparent glass partitions or vertical poles in the water and to distinguish food from inedible objects underwater. Norris et al. (1961) entirely eliminated visual cues by persuading Tursiops to accept opaque latex suction cups over its eyes prior to experi­ ments. They then showed a clear correlation between click emission and target investigation, which in this case was fish.

A complete block of either one or both ears produces very severe disorientation. e. Summary of CF Bats. Bats employing constant frequencies in orien­ tation appear to have very sharply tuned auditory responses at a fre­ quency corresponding with Doppler-shifted echoes of their emitted cries, which have been shown by behavioral studies to be at a fixed frequency, but comparatively poor sensitivity to the slightly lower emitted fre­ quency. The most extreme cf bats have a prominent "off" response at the inferior colliculus to a frequency immediately below the emitted fre- 28 A.

A fre­ quency causing an "off" response can either suppress or enhance the "on" response to a lower frequency tone, depending on the relative sound inten­ sities involved. The suppression, it is suggested, is probably of the same kind as the two-tone inhibition seen in other mammals. The "off" re­ sponse appears to be rebound excitation of cells tuned to slightly lower frequencies than the suppressant tone. Grinnell concluded that the prop­ erties of the "off" response indicated a mechanism by which vibration of a portion of the basilar membrane produced an electrical or mechanical bias, reducing spontaneous activity in a population of primary nerve fibers innervating an adjacent area of the membrane.

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