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By François Cooren

What occurs while humans speak or discussion with one another? this is often the daunting query that this publication proposes to deal with by way of ranging from a arguable speculation: What if human interactants weren't the single ones to be thought of, paraphrasing Austin (1962), as “doing issues with words”? that's, what if different “things” may be granted the prestige of brokers in a dialogical state of affairs? motion and enterprise in discussion: ardour, incarnation, and ventriloquism proposes to discover this specific speculation via mobilizing metaphorically the idea of ventriloquism. in response to this ventriloqual point of view, interactions are by no means only neighborhood, yet dislocal, that's, they continuously mobilize figures (collectives, ideas, values, feelings, etc.) that incarnate themselves in people’s discussions. This hugely unique publication, which develops the analytical, functional and moral dimensions of any such theoretical positioning, might be of curiosity to conversation students, linguists, sociologists, dialog analysts, administration and organizational students, in addition to philosophers attracted to language, motion and ethics.

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What this simply means is that the word action and all its corollaries (act, acting, active, activity, agency) can be used (and are daily used) to refer to nonhuman forms of doing. In other words, human intentionality does not appear to be an essential feature of action in general, even if some forms of human action tend to involve, of course, their author’s intentionality. Besides these nuances, these eight dictionary acceptations also allow us to implicitly define action as referring to the production of some kind of change (definitions 1 and 2), the actual process that consists of doing something (definitions 3, 4b, 5, 6, 7, and 8), the result of a doing (definition 4a), or the initiation of a doing (definition 4c).

Under a specific description, it is the scientists who have the main role: They discovered 16 extrasolar planet candidates. Under another description, it is the telescope’s contribution that is highlighted: It detected – etymologically, removed a cover from – 16 extrasolar planet candidates. If we now look at the second example, one could question whether the word learning is appropriate to depict what the computer is doing. After all, we tend to think that learning is something that only humans and animals do, but, again, to the extent that learning consists of gaining knowledge or skills (which is the common definition we can find in any dictionary), there is no reason why learning should not be something that some machines also do, to the extent that they are capable of gaining knowledge or skills – in this case, the skill consisting of identifying whether a painting is legitimately a person's work.

What is key in this argument is the prefix “re-” of recognized, which presupposes the iterable character of what is produced, its repeatability, its iterability. ”  (p. 8) In other words, we have to recognize, as analysts, that a certain conventionality (always relative, limited, and evolving) is at play in any textual or semiotic production, otherwise communication would be impossible. Again, what I mean is always at the mercy of the meaning of what I say or write. 3). 2 Con-textual agency Communication is possible for all practical purposes (Garfinkel 2002) because the texts and signs we produce have a life of their own so to speak, which means that they can continue to function in other contexts even in the absence of their producers.

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