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By Christmas Humphreys

Satori is a level alongside the best way, a gateless gate that needs to be entered at the route to enlightenment. With profound notion and consummate compassion, the founding father of the Buddhist Society in London invitations severe scholars of non secular evolution to exploit Western innovations to accomplish satori, the event of team spirit and divinity in all features of being. Humphreys refocuses the knowledge of Zen for the Western reader and illuminates the exhausting route to enlightenment.

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What else can one say ? The Opposites are, and ever will be for the period of our consciousness. But using the same consciousness we can, at first with intellect and later in the full knowledge of Praina-intuition, learn to live in the world of duality while never ceasing to see that every two Ire one, that 'all distinctions are falsely imagined', that, as Dr Suzuki says, 'there is nothing infinite apart from finite things'. What new life is here released, what spiritual excitement for the days to come !

Bound in the toils of Samsara we wish to escape, to run away. We cannot, for there is nowhere to run away, and we need not, for if Samsara is the manifestation of the Unborn, Unconditioned, the Light is here and in us, and the task before us is but to see it so. But we must see it so. As Dr Suzuki has pointed out, 'the phrase One in All and All in One is to be understood as a complete statement of absolute fact, and not to be analysed into irs component parts'. Here, then, is the chosen thought-principle, that Life is one indi­ visible stream of consciousness, a living and intelligent force which is the Buddha-Mind in action.

We tread it on our own two feet, alone, yet feeling in the darkness a million more ahead of us, beside us and behind. There is no chance nor luck nor fortune, good or bad, upon the Way; each moment, each event, is the net result of a million causes each of our own fathering. Yet because we are inter­ dependent and interrelated as the children of one Father, the One Life-force which is the 'Unborn' in manifestation, we help and hinder each other in all our thoughts and actions to the very threshold of Nirvana.

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