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Mitochondrial DNA: Methods and Protocols

Nationwide Institutes of overall healthiness, study Triangle Park, NC. positive aspects confirmed tools for examining mitochondrial DNA and the proteins that retain it; therapy of the genetics, biochemistry, and telephone biology of mtDNA; newest advancements in employing PCR expertise to the research of mtDNA; and identity of mtDNA mutations.

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Brain Research, 1069, 190-197. , Jiminez-Arriero, M. , Aragues, M. & Palomo, T. (2006) Performance in the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test and the C957T polymorphism of the DRD2 gene in healthy volunteers. Neuropsychobiology 54, 166-170. Rowe, D. , Jacobson, K. C. & van den Oord, E. J. C. G. (1999) Genetic and environmental influences on vocabulary IQ: parental education level as moderator. Child Development 70, 1151-1162. Rushton, J. P. & Jensen, A. R. (2006) The totality of available evidence shows the race IQ gap still remains.

Psychiatry Research, 127, 171-183. In: Intelligence Quotient Editor: Joseph C. Kush ISBN: 978-1-62618-728-3 © 2013 Nova Science Publishers, Inc. Chapter 3 HUMAN GENERAL INTELLIGENCE AS A DOMAIN GENERAL PSYCHOLOGICAL ADAPTATION Kevin MacDonald Department of Psychology, California State University, Long Beach Long Beach, CA, US ABSTRACT The concept of general intelligence as measured by standard IQ tests has always been a difficult fit for evolutionary psychology. This paper argues that intelligence is a set of domain general abilities which was not designed to solve any specific problem from the human evolutionary past.

Christian, B. , Lehrer, D. , Narayanan, T. , Strohmeyer, P. , Buchsbaum, M. S. & Mantil, J. C. (2006) Measuring dopamine neuromodulation in the thalamus: Using [F-18] fallypride PET to study dopamine release during a spatial learning task. NeuroImage 31, 139-152. , & Weber, B. (2007) Dopamine gene predicts the brain’s response to dopaminergic drug. Eur J Neurosci. 26, 3652-3660. Cools, R. & Robbins, T. W. (2004) Chemistry of the adaptive mind. Philosophical Transactions. Series A: Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences 362, 28712888.

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