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By Mark S.G. Dyczkowki

A set of six articles and chapters written among 1986 and 2001, the current quantity is especially a lot an account of the non-public and scholarly itinerary taken by way of Mark Dyczkowski, the undisputed grasp of Kubjika fabrics, and arguably the main unique and wide-ranging student of Hindu tantra of the current new release, if no longer of all time. A semi-permanent resident of Varanasi for the earlier thirty years, Dyczkowski is bicultural in a fashion unrivalled through any residing western student of Indian religions, combining the sterling textualist education within the medieval tantras he obtained at Oxford less than Alexis Sanderson within the Nineteen Seventies with a complete immersion within the dwelling traditions of Hinduism in Varanasi in India, and Kathmandu in Nepal

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Thus the Ahirbudhnyasamhitä and, more particularly, the Lalcymitantra, both of which are clearly influenced by Saivism, take this as a fundamen­ tal conception of the absolute reality which the Lalcymitantra in par­ ticular identifies with the goddess who is pure ‘I-ness’. Thus the brilliant insight o f one man, Utpaladeva, whose writ­ ings are more concerned with philosophical and theological issues than with the intricacies ofTantric symbolism, is used to systemati­ cally recode it. In this way we find confirmed the view of the Tantras which declare that “this knowledge (of reality) has three sources, 50 NSA, p.

This state spontaneously leads to the realization of Siva’s pervasive presence termed Sivavyiipti and the yogi established in Sakti is thus estab­ lished in his authentic nature (svabhiivastha). 26 It is achieved by abandon­ ing all dichotomizing thought processes (vikalpa), including the thought o f liberation. The contrast felt to exist between bondage (amolcya) and liberation is just a thought construct. The notion of duality (dvaitabhiiva), conceived spontaneously by the mind, causes limiting conditions to prosper.

Journey in ihe cU)orld o f ihe ’T aniras { sakalakaläjälajivanabhüta ). He, in the process of expansion, as­ sumes the form ‘HA’, that is, KundalinlSakti. e. the entire manifestation starting with Bhairava). Similarly, the lowest part of the last phase of objective manifestation (m or nara) has three powers (of will, knowl­ edge and action) whose life is the trident of the energies Parä, P aräparä and Aparä. ” 40 Now, while Abhinavagupta understands the reflective awareness of T to be Supreme Speech, the Heart of consciousness, as already posited by Utpaladeva, he adds that it is M ätrkä which is the vitality of mantra (m antravlrya ).

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