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By Jussi Parikka

Media heritage is hundreds of thousands, even billions, of years outdated. that's the premise of this pioneering and provocative e-book, which argues that to competently comprehend modern media tradition we needs to set out from fabric realities that precede media themselves—Earth’s historical past, geological formations, minerals, and effort. And to take action, writes Jussi Parikka, is to confront the profound environmental and social implications of this ubiquitous, yet rarely ephemeral, realm of modern day life.
Exploring the source depletion and fabric resourcing required for us to take advantage of our units to stay networked lives, Parikka grounds his research in Siegfried Zielinski’s greatly mentioned idea of deep time—but takes it again millennia. not just are infrequent earth minerals and lots of different fabrics had to make our electronic media machines paintings, he observes, yet used and out of date media applied sciences go back to the earth as residue of electronic tradition, contributing to growing to be layers of poisonous waste for destiny archaeologists to consider. He indicates that those fabrics needs to be thought of along the usually risky and exploitative hard work strategies that refine them into the units underlying our probably digital or immaterial practices.
A Geology of Media demonstrates that the surroundings doesn't simply encompass our media cultural world—it runs via it, permits it, and hosts it in an period of unparalleled weather swap. whereas taking a look backward to Earth’s far-off previous, it additionally seems to be ahead to a extra expansive media theory—and, implicitly, media activism—to come.

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Gleaning in the electric light, band after band of jet-­black, sparkling coal alternative with the rings of clay,”7 one finds the layers, which did not adhere to the classical geological theories of Hutton or Lyell. It seemed suddenly as if undeniable that even nonorganic matter is alive: “The throbs were not direct, but gave the impression of a gentle ripple or rhythm, which ran across the surface,”8 Mr. Jones describes the deep surface they found. ”9 The whole layers, the core and the strata, throbbed, pulsated, and animated.

Photograph by Spencer Musik. 15 Indeed, besides such contemporary contexts of mining where Challenger’s madness starts to make sense, one is tempted to think of an imaginary of horrors of the underground from Lovecraft to Fritz Leiber. 16 One should neither ignore the earth screams caused by hydraulic fracturing—­fracking that, besides the promise that it might change the geopolitical balance of energy production, also points toward what is often neglected in the discourse of geopolitics, that is, geos, the earth, the soil, and the crust.

34 For Lyell, Hutton’s assumption of the cyclical deep times becomes a research tool to understand the radical temporality of the earth. Lyell was definitely interested in change in ways that did not pertain to Hutton,35 but this historicity was still of a different order to that of the emerging history disciplines focused on the hermeneutic worlds of the human. The different sets of knowledge formations pertaining to the natural and to the moral are also the context for two different modes of temporal order.

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