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Cypriot Arabic, an unwritten language and mom tongue of numerous hundred bilingual (Arabic/Greek) Maronites from Kormakiti (N.W. Cyprus), advanced from a medieval Arabic colloquial dropped at the island through Christian Arab migrants (probably from Asia Minor and Syria). It represents the end result of a special linguistic and cultural synthesis drawing on Arabic, Aramaic, and Greek; its Arabic part additionally indicates a hybrid areal profile combining better Syrian characteristics with formal gains commonplace of the modern S.E.Anatolian-Mesopotamian dialectal continuum. a couple of infrequent Aramaic substratal components in Cypriot Arabic recommend a comparatively early separation of its mother or father dialect from mainstream Arabic. This lexicon surveys approximately 2000 Cypriot Arabic phrases opposed to the historical past of in depth comparative fabric from the Arabic dialects, previous Arabic, and colloquial and literary different types of Aramaic. Many Cypriot Arabic phrases are right here brought up with illustrative examples and ethnographic remark the place appropriate. Cypriot Arabic is an endangered language; the current word list is the main complete lexical checklist of this scientifically fascinating number of peripheral Arabic. it truly is essentially meant for orientalists and linguists focusing on comparative Semitics and Arabic dialectology.

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B' V 123 ncnVu!. gargrieCnJSCn CIll wet(ver rClleter organg. Observe CrG

KM-)'awmo Jcder/Jcden lag kJ/-sato 'jcdes lahI' kJ/-ha 'jeder(mann)' Herlevi~ (Jastrow, 1988a:! ' (as opposed to xalluon 'they left them'). etc. " In stress groups the second word loses its stress, and the main stress of the collocatIOn comes to be on the last syllable of the first word (Jastrow 199701:353): Tur saw6=zlamat'sieben Manner' (Jasrrow 199001:18). , that spoken in Arb~1 (N. 4). f the C A Continuity with Aramaic in the grammatical behaVIOur 0 d ~ determiner kull can possibly also be postulated for the tendencYde~ .

NTRODUCTION 46 INTRODUCTION In Borg (1985:36), I argued that the fusion of OA 'and g-yieldi evA '_preceded chronologically the stage of contact with the CYpr~ G~cck. sound system, since the eXIstence In th~ latter of the vOiced relar fricative Ig] < Anc Gk gal/lllltl should logically have promoted tl"ntiou in e,'A of 0:\ oS rather than that of the VOlced pharyng aI re f " ft e ITicatiw '. ',lrly in~icative o. ~r:ma1C 10 ~ence on the eYA consonant system IS the Slllll of Semitic g> Aram g> eyA f : CyA

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