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By Bert Kinzey

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53m] line hydrophone with a 22° beam scanning at 4rpm. It covered the sonic (100Hz-12kHz) Other sensors included the usual two periscopes. Number 1 for search and Number 2 for attack, and there was a variety of radio masts, whip antennas and stubs, the actual fit changing with bewildering rapidity. Electronic warfare equipment also began to be fitted, one external indication being a large direction-finding loop. Finally, for surface actions with the gun, there were two target bearing transmitters mounted on the bridge.

Often for several tens of miles and normally at an angle of about one degree below the horizontal and ending abruptly at the shelf-break, which is usually found at a depth of about 400ft (130m). From there the slope steepens to angles varying from a few degrees to the trenches. THE OCEANS assumed. Los Angeles SSNs operate at 1,500ft (450m) and titanium-hulled Soviet Alfas at 2,500fl (700m), but the French Rubis class are limited to 300m (980fl). Below: Continental shelves (orange) extend from the coastlines reaching a depth of about 400ft (130m) before the continental break and a rapid increase in depth.

However, weapons the Mk 14 torpedo with its Mk \'l magnetic exploder used from 1941 to 1943 was notoriously unreliable; the torpedo ran much deeper than designed and left a prominent wake, while the exploder frequently failed to detonate and the back-up contact exploder only seemed to work when hitting the target a glancing blow. Later in the war the Mk 18 torpedo, a direct copy of a captured German G7e, was widely used, and was credited with sinking a million tons of Japanese shipping. Construction: The 73 boats of the Gato class were launched between 1941 and 1943, construction being so.

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