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Defects are a very serious manufacturing problem, and reducing defects will improve the yield and the competitiveness of the factory. An important payoff from CIM is the ability to perform on-line statistical quality control (SQC) to reduce defects in a timely manner. Figure 13 illustrates how CIM performs on-line SQC. For a given product, FIMS performs a series of tasks: retrieves control limits, locates files, and loads historical data. Cellworks reads current data from the process equipment, checks it against historical data, and sounds the alarm when the data exceeds control limits.

Similarly, threads allow financial brokers to access account information, fund information, a portfolio list, and an equity transaction list from different servers concurrently. It follows that threads speed up the time it takes to create a customer profile. Basically two components need to be distributed in a CIM factory—data and processing. Encapsulating these components as objects makes them portable, scalable, and sharable between applications. Encapsulation is a technique that allows the software developer to separate the implementation of an application from the abstract interface through software called wrappers.

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