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By Trungpa, Rinpoche Chogyam

"transcript of talks given by means of Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche on the fourth Vajradhatu Seminary, a twelve-week interval of in depth meditation and learn, held at Land O'Lakes, Wisconsin September-November 1976"

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R: Q: It didn't? No. R: Maybe that's a truer way of pronouncing your name. No, I think it was just what they had to work with. R: Well, there are a lot of little problems like that. We have these spots, little areas like that, and so we have to develop our own civilization and our own way of presenting the whole, thing. In order to maintain scholarship and accuracy and intelligence, there is a lot of room for trying to be as correct as possible. We don't have to be extreme, speaking with a foreign accent particularly.

R: It's full of emptiness. Q: So there are no dharmas within no ego? R: Everything. There are all dharmas within no ego? R: All dharmas are there, but, they are all empty and full at the same time, which is not problematical at all. It's full and empty at once. Q: Well, I just admit defeat, that's all. R: We could talk about this more intensely if you like. It is a good subject. We will be talking about it a lot in the mahayana talks. Q: What's wrong with Americanizing the word buddha? R: It gives the whole thing a very cheapQ: 40 Taking Refuge: Buddha, Dhanna Q: So you're suggesting there's something cheap about America and Americanism?

They begin to realize that those who are already part of the sangha seem to have some ideas and experiences of reality in its fullest sense. That is to say, there is a sense of renunciation, egolessness and devotion tak,ing place in them. Because of that, new students feel they, too, want to commit themselves as the older students have done; but they still have a lot of resistance, a lot of uncertainties and confusion. Most of the confusion takes place because of the contrast between the new students and the sangha members who have already achieved their own particular sanity.

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