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By Chogyam Trungpa

This is often the transcript of talks given via Rinpoche on the first Seminary, a twelve-week education interval of extensive examine and meditation held at Jackson gap, Wyoming.

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We never experienced a sense of being before. And the meditation practices are to arouse your trust of something. Q: The point is that I'm just not trusting that space or whatever? R: Yeah, you could afford to treat yourself, rather than the whole thing should be completely punishment or something, torturing process. Q: It feels more surprising than feeling that I have to punish. you are sort of struggling along. I mean R: The discipline is keep going rather than create problems for oneself every minute.

There is a sense of relating with the outside, an open- space situation. You are using your legs as you would an oar to stir water if you were in a boat. If people become self-conscious of their bodies, then they might feel that they have to accentuate their walking -- either with a sort of dance-type movement or else very solid and steady, meaningful walks. And they are unable to relate with the legs. And then one begins to be self- conscious about arms and head and back, including the hair on your head.

And the problem with that seems to be -- it is not regarded as a problem, by the way, at the beginning, first of all, but a sign that you are not actually in contact with the breathing properly. Its monotonousness keeps you in basic guesswork -- you just guess that whert you breathe in you breathe out automatically. And you are not even in contact with the well- being of the breathing at all. Therefore you could venture something else out. In other words, awareness of breathing, mindfulness of breathing is a way of creating obstacles to the subconscious dreams or the mental activities.

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