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By using internal equivalence we can partition circuits into smaller ones and will only need to check the equivalence among those partitioned circuits instead of the original large circuits. Also, we can use relationships among internal signals in order to reduce sizes of intermediate BDDs when constructing BDDs for the output of the EXCLUSIVE-OR gate from output to inputs (see Fig. 10). By appropriately using those relationships and reducing BDD sizes, we can verify circuits having more than 100,000 gates rather easily if the two circuits to be compared are similar.

Static Fault Diagnosis. An example of a fault dictionary is shown in Fig. 16(a) for a circuit with six modeled faults, two vectors, and two primary outputs. A typical use of the information in this dictionary could be in the following manner: If the faulty response produced by a defective chip on the application of vectors v1 and v2 was 10 and 11, then the dictionary could be used to indicate fault 5’s presence in the defective chip. Techniques for handling situations when the faulty responses do not match with any of the stored responses (exactly) are discussed later in this article under the section Unmodeled Fault Diagnosis.

294–302. 58. E. J. McCluskey and F. W. Clegg, Fault equivalence in combinational logic networks, IEEE Trans. , C-20: 1286–1293, 1971. 59. A. Goundan and J. P. Hayes, Identification of equivalent faults in logic networks, IEEE Trans.

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