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1950 Parimal Roy 61. 1950 Parimal Roy 62. War and Tea l W a ar chn Print ad. by ITMEB 23x 17 Betar Jagat 1944 Indira Biswas 24x11 Jugantar I944 CSSSC 64. Tea and the Seasons Print ad. P. Pvt. Ltd / CSSSC. 65. Tea and the Seasons I Print ad. by CTB depicting Monsoon Visva-Bharati Patrih 1951 RabiiBhavan, Visva-Bharah. Santin~ketan 66. Tea and the Seasons 11 print ad. 140 Tea and the Seasons IlI print ad. by CTB depicting early Winter Visve-Bharati PaMa 1951 Rabindra Bhavas Vlsva-Bharali. Santiniketan 68.

The top to bottom measurement comesfirst, followed by the horizontal size. 12 The General on Horseback Calendar of Liptan's Tea Field UushaU H. R. H. 13 Lipton and the Empire P M ~ad. 25 Brand New Advertising Thmugh The Times of Inma Sesrrmcentennial. by Dileep padgan&, Bombay 1989 1913 .... 14 Garden Party Rint ad. 17 Planter's Raj Illuseation for a calendar on British Raj 43 x 38 Ranen Ayan Dun The artist 1980 The artist 8. Tea L a b o m Photograph of tea plantation labourers ChaubaRia estate.

On that occasion,he specifically mentioned that tea drinking in China is like an 'art' and that cultnre ought to be emulated in our daily practice. In the aesthetics of tea drinking and the procurement of tea services, an influence of 'Asian Culture' can be clearly discerned in the practices of nationalist elites. His poem (1924) on this regular tea-session is quite well-known. He, however, has also written hvo lesser-known humourous poems on tea One of them, namedPalataka (TheFugitive),is on an old man drinking a cup ofgreen tea with half aser of milk to forget the pangs of separation from his granddaughter, Another is called Chatak(Abird longing forwater as well as a man longing for teaorcha)~ecalliingtheoccasion house ofBidhusekharShastri (1 878-1959), wellknown Sanskrit and Pali Language scholar.

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